Extending Your OpenCart Catalogue: no Pain, Great Gain

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Published: 06th August 2012
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Beginning an e-store, most startups consider it to be much less troublesome than typical one. In some aspects, it might be true. On the other hand, however, you face the issues specific only to this sort of business. For example,it may be troublesome to import your files to the OpenCart catalogue. This article aims at presenting possible alternatives in such a situation.


OpenCart - Open to Convenience

If you've picked OpenCart to be the basis for the e-shop, it indicates you will have no troubles with its installation or administration. OpenCart platform operates with minimum system requirements, which means it might be an ideal pick for startups. The built-in template system allows to integrate new templates speedily, reducing processing time. OpenCart also delivers the opportunity to deal with numerous outlets from one admin interface. You may localize every retail outlet when it comes to currency, develop default customer groups, that is very handy for bigger enterprise. The system is module based, which indicates that websiteís functionality might be extended with new modules according to your needs. An vital characteristic making the e-store especially appealing to buyers is the opportunity to purchase items with no registration, in a fast and simple way.

Catalogue Extension = Problems Extension?

However effortless the administration may be, from time to time it needs both an excessive amount of manual work or is much too complicated for any non-specialist. After a while there comes the time to extend your product or to replace some outdated goods with brand new kinds, or probably you simply need to replace item descriptions. These constructive changes need some preparatory job done. Namely, updating the catalogue - including new items or descriptions and deleting old ones.

In case youíre planning on including a new category of 10 goods, then itís absolutely not a problem. What if itís a thousand new groups of items? Or new items seem in your own store on a weekly basis? Can you picture the quantity of manual work necessary to add images, descriptions, selling prices etc to your web site catalogue? Even if you were isolated from all other troubles and had nothing at all else to do, the process may require loads of time to complete. So, your buyers would have to wait around right up until new products turn up in the catalogue. But unless the things are absolutely exclusive, their equivalents can be easily found at your rival e-stores, so who would wait around? The perspective of sacrificing your potential buyers. doesnít appear so bright, does it?

Keep Import Uncomplicated with File2Cart

Clearly, you can't and shouldn't lose the opportunity to develop your enterprise. The solution is fairly basic - it is possible to conduct your OpenCart data import employing the web service File2Cart. Everything you'll need would be the .csv, .xml or .txt file containing the info you wish to move. Then you can choose the appropriate alternative. One-time item import may be performed, saving †you a lot of time and serving to organise products in the shop catalogue very easily and swiftly.

For store proprietors who on a regular basis add new products to their catalogue, thereís an alternative of scheduling the database update weekly and even daily. This way, you wonít have to fret over which items have and which havenít been added to the catalogue. File2Cart will do the task for you.

If you are worried concerning the security of your info imported, File2Cart web service can grant that all of the transfers are carried out through secure SSL connection, so nothing is going to be lost or accessible to other people. You may also take a look at this procedure without cost in the demo version, permitting to import ten items to find out how it works.

If saving much time and being able to provide timely service to your consumers looks great to you, think about visiting http://file2cart.com for extra info. Donít let yourself be stuck in the routine, make your business pleasurable and rewarding!

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